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We are  a not for profit organisation that brings together Christian professionals and students from tertiary institutions in Kenya. IILA offers technical support to government departments, Members of Parliament and other stakeholders in the legislative process in terms of research, drafting of legislation and lobbying. IILA also engages in public education and awareness campaigns to educate the public on proposed and current legislation. We have 3 thematic areas: Governance, Agriculture and Public Health…. Learn More
To be the institution of choice on matters of the legislative process in Kenya
Enhancing the legislative process in Kenya by providing technical support to Members of parliament, lawmaking entities and other stakeholders
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Thematic Areas


Good governance is the recipe  for positive development  for any nation. However,  there has to be check and balances that ensures  actualization  and realization  of set goals. The Kenya constitution dispensation  for participation has promoted horizontal communication whereby common  man has been given a voice. With this new development new responsibility and opportunity to…Read More


Food shortage is a major issue in many developing nations. Hunger and famine continues to claim lives in sub-Saharan Africa, robbing its people dignity. In the past measures have been put into place in a bid to curb this trend, however a series of recurrence has been witnessed in various parts of Kenya. This is a problematic area to any nations that focus and seeks to engender…Read More

Public Health

Public Health is one of the thematic  areas that ILA works on. Some of the work that ILA has done in this area include: Public Education, Awareness  and Advocacy  campaign  around the Counsellors, Psychologists and Psychotherapists Bill of 2007 that sought to streamline the relevant professions and promote quality service delivery in the sector. Since 2004, ILA has worked on …Read More

Recent/Ongoing Projects

IMG_7632 ILA is currently working on Road safety Bill that seeks to amend the Traffic Act, Cap 403 and to provide for safety measures and enforcement mechanisms and for connected purposes.
The Bill seeks to introduce a 30Km/h speed limit on roads around schools. Also increasing the safety of pedestrians through better safety features, such as crossings, underpasses and footbridges; properly designed safety features will reduce the number of pedestrians being killed and injured.
Road crashes remain…Read More .
Silhouette of man drinking alcohol, close upILA has been involved in drafting and lobbying for the passing of Alcohol control Legislation.
This process began as early as 2006, with critiquing proposed amendments to the now repealed Liquor Licensing Act under Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) (No.2) Bill 2005. This was presented to a public forum for debate.
The amendments proposed to bring traditional liquor under the Liquor Licensing Act and repeal the Traditional Liquor Act, so as to abolish several licenses and reduce the cost of doing business in Kenya.
Currently, The Institute of Economic Affairs-Kenya, International Institute for Legislative Affairs Kenya and Kenyatta University are partners in a four-country research project whose objective is to analyze data and understand the policy …Read More
Mental HealthPeople with mental illness and epilepsy in Kenya are often denied their fundamental rights to dignity, freedom from discrimination and freedom from torture. In this regard ILA, in Partnership with Basic NEEDS ( an Organization established in 2005 to intervene in mental health in the context of development through holistic interventions) was lobbying for the review of the Mental Health Act as well as finalization of the country’s Mental Health Policy to align it with the current Constitution which include the principles of human dignity, participation, protection, non-discrimination, human rights,
inclusiveness and equity to apply to those with mental health illnesses.
In consultation with the Ministry of Medical Services (Division of Mental Health) and the co-ordination committee members….Read More
IMG_1229In 2009 – 2010, ILA hosted a Consortium of 11 organisations which carried out a situational analysis of tobacco control in Kenya funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the Bill Gates Foundation. The Analysis focussed on the enforcement of smoke free legislation in Nairobi and involved a baseline survey to identify where the law is not being enforced, meetings with policy makers and various stakeholders and interest groups to support a smoke free Nairobi. ILA has also been involved in other baseline surveys and has recently conducted a research on the tobacco taxation in Kenya; whose results are being used to lobby for increased taxation of tobacco products in Kenya in line with WHO recommendations in order to improve the tobacco taxation system in Kenya and provide for regular, effective tax increases and creation of a sustainable funding mechanism for tobacco control programs in Kenya…Read More
Money070614Unclaimed property is any financial asset, usually intangible, being held for a person or entity that cannot be found. Unclaimed property not only includes dormant bank accounts, unclaimed security
deposits, unclaimed shares of stock, or uncashed dividend cheques, but may also include unused gift
certificates of gift cards, unused rebates and customer credits, accounts receivable, uncashed vendor cheques, and various types of credits reflected on the books and records of a company.
ILA has been working with partners including the Unclaimed Property Assets Register (UPAR), ABANTU for Development, World Vision Kenya…Read More

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